Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan is a very important decision. It is a serious matter with numerous, complex factors to be considered, everything from owning a business, avoiding probate court, planning for a special needs child and anticipating potential conflicts among heirs. Jun Wang & Associates is committed to providing highly skilled and individualized estate planning advice to guide our clients through the different stages of life.

From the planning point, we carefully review all of the relevant information about the estate to create a plan that will best serve that individual. This could be the creation of a trust, or several trusts, tax planning, ensuing that the individual’s Will is up-to-date and drafting all necessary documents in clear, unambiguous language to seek to avoid future court challenges. We carefully evaluate every aspect of the financial situation and engage in important interviews with the individuals to fully understand the client’s intentions with regard to their estate.

We represent individuals of all asset levels, and our goal is to give our clients peace of mind by crafting flexible, efficient, and cost-effective plans that address personal challenges, whether it is minimizing taxes, transferring wealth, or preserving assets. Whether the client is looking into creating a Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, Living Will or are concerned mainly with the distribution of the assets, our clients can rest easier knowing that the advocate chosen understands the importance of minimizing or avoid estate taxes, leave directives for the event of incapacity, protecting the assets, providing for minors or disabled individuals and avoid probate to the extent possible. Our specialized areas of concentration include:

Wealth Transfer Planning- a wide variety of trusts, wills, family business issues and disposition of property.

Personal Finance & Family Needs – Powers of Attorney, medical directives, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, divorce and asset protection planning.

Estate and Trust Administration – facilitating and streamlining probate process, provide post-mortem tax advice to fiduciaries and beneficiaries; and planning for tax-savings elections, credits and disclaimers.

Tax Compliance – federal estate and state death tax returns; individual, trust and estate income tax returns.