China Practices

YUANHE & TWELVE TABLES is a partnership law firm founded in 2011 with the approval of the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China. In 2022, Twelve Tables Law Firm, a boutique firm with a strong reputation in intellectual property and litigation merged with YUANHE.

YUANHE & TWELVE TABLES is committed to providing business schemes and dispute resolution solutions that meet the core interests of our clients with excellent service quality. Our partners and consultants have outstanding backgrounds in legal education and have long been practicing in leading law firms in PRC and USA.

With more than 50 professionals, YUANHE & TWELVE TABLES specializes in intellectual property, dispute resolution, and capital markets, and is a provider of high-end services and quality resources.

In the future, YUANHE & TWELVE TABLES plan to set up more offices in China, which will further extend the service fields and areas, and focus more on the business and judicial activities of multi-jurisdictional, cross-domains and emerging fields. Based on eminent research and innovation capabilities, YUANHE & TWELVE TABLES will strive to be the best guardian and friend of successful enterprises and startups.

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