July 2024 Visa Bulletin Update

June 28, 2024
Quick Recap
  • Next month, USCIS will accept any employment-based adjustment of status (AOS) applications from foreign nationals whose I-140 priority dates are earlier than the corresponding Final Action Dates listed in the State Department’s July 2024 Visa Bulletin.
  • In July, there will be slight advancement in most employment-based categories.
  • The Final Action date for China EB-1 will advance by two months; China EB-2 will advance by one month; and China EB-3 will remain the same.
  • Due to continued high demand, the Final Action date for EB-3 in all countries, except China and India, will retrogress by almost one year. The State Department notes that it is likely that the Final Action date under EB-3 will further retrogress or become “unavailable” in August.

Employment-Based Final Action Dates for July 2024

To be eligible to file an employment-based AOS application in July, foreign nationals must have an I-140 priority date that is earlier than the date listed below for their preference category and country:

    • EB-1
      • China: November 1, 2022
      • India: February 1, 2022
      • All other countries: Current (applications may be filed regardless of the applicant’s priority date)
    • EB-2
      • China: March 1, 2020
      • India: June 15, 2012
      • All other countries: March 15, 2023
    • EB-3
      • China: September 1, 2020  
      • India: September 22, 2012 
      • All other countries: December 01, 2021

For more details, please visit the State Department’s July 2024 Visa Bulletin.